About the Show

The "Dr. Maura Show" is a locally produced talk show giving a Catholic perspective on topics as diverse as the world around us. Join Dr. Maura Hearden Fehlner for interviews and ruminations with an Adirondack twist about some of life's most fascinating and important subjects!

About Dr. Maura

Dr. Maura Hearden Fehlner received her Ph.D. in religious studies from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI and was hired immediately upon graduation as a professor of Catholic Theology at DeSales University near Allentown, PA. There she taught classes on a variety of subjects including a survey of Catholic doctrine and history, church and sacraments, Mariology, Catholic social teaching, theology of the body, and Christian feminism. She currently designs and teaches both graduate and undergraduate classes in theology as an online professor for DeSales University and St. Joseph's College of Maine. Maura has received mandatums (permissions to teach Catholic theology) from the bishops in these two dioceses.

Light of Truth, Inc. and WCLP are proud to have received an official endorsement from Bishop Terry La Valley of the Diocese of Ogdensburg.

Maura has published under her maiden name for The Journal of Ecumenical Studies, Pro Ecclesia, American Catholic Studies, and Spiritual Life and under her maiden and married names for Marian Studies. She has also co-edited and contributed to two books: Mary for the Love and Glory of God and Mary, God-Bearer to a World in Need.
Maura has been a featured speaker at numerous parish and diocesan missions, adult education seminars, and other special events.